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About Sue Ann

Shortly after relocating to Nashville, Tennessee in 1991, Sue Ann began what proved to be a very successful career in the entertainment industry. She began her climb upward in the largest and oldest talent agency in the world. She was named Vice President and Head of Human Resources for the Nashville Office in 1999. She joined the global management team and served as an advisor for the corporate philanthropic foundation the following year. In addition to her day to day executive duties, she spearheaded the agent training program, mentored young professionals through Belmont University and Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University. In 2013 Sue Ann was selected to work in the newly formed live events division to bridge two entities together for the purpose of building live events for a select group of high profile clients. In 2014 she left her corporate job to pursue her personal dreams and aspirations and dedicated more time to a business that she started in 2011 which she continues to build today. SHINEWORTHY TEA is known as a tea company with high standards of excellence and is quickly becoming a household name. Sue Ann is also a licensed Mortgage Loan Consultant.



August 18-19, 2022
Women of Wealth Magazine Presents:
Essence of a Boss Lady Retreat 

The Mansion Bowe Island

Miami, Florida 

October 20, 2022
Ladies Night For Christ 
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