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Laughter Keeps You From Getting Dizzy!

When you woke up this morning did your mind immediately kick into work mode? Is every minute of your day filled with meetings and chores? Will there be any time to help the kids with their homework or read the notes from their teachers about the holiday parties and activities at school? Is your day going to be crammed so full that you may or may not have time to eat lunch? Is fast food your only option again tonight for dinner? Whew! I’m tired just thinking about all you have going on today!

Finding balance in life can be challenging, but no matter how busy your day becomes, please remember that in order to make this a good day there are two things worth including:

1. Treat everyone with dignity and respect. Get to know the person that cleans the restrooms in your building at work, call them by name when you see them. Take a few seconds every morning when you arrive at work to say “hello” to the receptionist at the front desk. When you go to the store, instead of counting the items of the person in front of you in the express lane, give them a smile and a friendly greeting. Be careful with the words you use and the attitude you have toward your family members. It seems as though we sometimes treat strangers and pets better than we do our own human family members. Be intentional with phrases like please, thank you, excuse me, I appreciate you, I’m proud of you, let me help you with that, often today.

2. Find humor in this day! Looking for reasons to laugh will lighten your load today and everyday. On your commute to or from work, just look around – you’ll see people putting on make-up while driving down the road; you’ll see people dancing and singing in their cars; you may even see a funny looking animal or billboard. Find a radio station with funny/crazy D.J’s to listen to when you’re in the car. If you have a hard time finding anything to laugh about, start a “humor file.” When you run across a funny story or joke, drop it in your “humor file.” During the day when things are getting tense, take a few seconds to pull out the file and find a reason to laugh. Don’t be afraid to laugh out loud! It is therapeutic for you and those around you.

Thought for the Day: A sense of humor is connected to the way you look at life…the way you put your problems in perspective.

In a world that's spinning 'round and 'round laughter keeps you from getting dizzy.

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